Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Hit the Streetz!!!!

We have a new split cdr release out with Boosatali live at Camp Nowhere 11.8.06

It is on Soccer Mom Ebonics. Edition of 100 copies. Recorded by Jim "sparkle girl" Evans.

We haven't even heard the thang but shit we are excited. Hit us up if you want a copy or buy one at one of our or shevaun's shows. Wall of Sound and Electric Heavyland will have them as well.

We will be back playing shows in February. Also, in February we have a split coming out with our good friends Pillow Fight Fight. Man if you guys don't know Karl or Dustin you just should. Some of the nicest guys we have ever met. We still have copies of our release Acid Headband if any one would like one and we have two more cdr's coming out in early 2007. The first one out is entitled JUNKY MUSCLES and the second is DOUBT AND INDECISION. Until then...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

squeaky shout out in the mercury for upcoming portland show

(Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) Two good-times dudes from Seattle, Ear Venom have been cultivating their psychedelic and experimental noise-fuckery, blasting Portland's eardrums every couple of months. Having much in common with local favorites Yellow Swans, Ear Venom twist and mangle processed guitar, tape loops, and sequencers through delay and various filters, leaving a thick grimy film crawling through your skin and blackening your cortex. Playing this night with DRUGS, who have transformed themselves into one of the noisiest and most crushing black metal bands in Portland. Recent addition to the band, Jared (SCARD)'s ferocious screams are quite terrifying and complement Bennett's gurgling groans and heavy bass drone. JAMES SQUEAKY

Sunday, November 26, 2006

new venom

so we are playing our last show in seattle for a couple of months with walrus machine, boosatali, morta haze, drugs, & arachnid arcade. details: rendezvous - jewel box theater; december 2nd; 10 pm; 5 bones. brian is going out of town until late january but then we will be back playing shows in february.

we just finished up recording a ton of new music which will come out early 2007 on dragon's eye recordings, debacle records and o.o.o. recordings. our other band dull knife is playing a few shows in december and february so look out for those dates. we will have a cd-r out soon.

Monday, November 06, 2006

WE Are Retards

Splinter Squid aka ear venom du hexen drunk fest

i am slapping pizza because he is dirty

upcoming shows

we are playing with sixes, boostali and blue sabbath black cheer on the 8th of november. the show is at camp nowhere in the u-district. starts at 7 sharp. then on the 14th at the ss marie we are jamming with tylet potts, arachnid arcade and two touring bands which i never can never remember the names of. show starts at 8:30. we are recording a new album for dragons eye recordings this month. then we are doing a short crusade / tour with drugs at the beginning of december.

garek and i have another band starting up called dull knife. look out for our drones and gentle destruction. adam from du hexen hase and hopefully charlotte from arachnid arcade join us for this project. our first cdr comes out in january on emerald city debacle.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Check this Radio Station
good music from good people in boise idaho, give it a listen. i have added it to the links also.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

new venom

photo of us playing garek's pad saturday the 14th. thanks erika for the pic and adam for sitting in with us. the show at the warped tour house went really well. dustin and karl from pillowfightfight played with us as bone witch. mattress and bird costumes ruled. one scary fun friday the 13th. looking forward to playing no tomorrow on the 29th with ovo.

also, brianvenom is sitting in with du hexen hase this sat. the 21st. opening for clmiax golden twins and suishou no fune (japanese psych). show starts around show time at the s.s. marie.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

corpse paint, daggers, cloaks, and tombstones welcome, bad attitudes not.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Art Opening @ Wall of Sound

Please join us Friday October 6, 2006 from 7:00 to 9:00pm to celebrate the opening of:

'An Eye for Ears'

A group show of LP and CD artwork and design.

Original paintings,drawings,sketches,mechanical art and finished results.

By the following artists:
Jim Blanchard
Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers)
Garek J Druss (Ear Venom)
Gust Burns
Climax Golden Twins
Jamie Potter (Bonus)
Sublime Frequencies
Gust Burns
John Hubbard
Scatological Liberation Front
Jesse Paul Miller
Kazutaka Nomura
Sparkle Girl

Light snacks and libations will be provided.

Dig It !

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Show This Coming Tuesday OCT. 3rd.

check this show out, garek will be playing solo with a special new toy.. this is serious stuff.... the flyer says EXTREME

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wall of Sound Review

those dudes put up a nice review of Acid Headband. Thank you Jeffery & Michael!
it's on there website, check out our links

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Stuff

Acid Headband in now available at Electric Heavyland in Wallingford and Wall of Sound in Capital Hill. it is $8.00.
-added some new links, stuff that stokes us out.
-a lot of shows coming up in the beginning of October,
OCT 3rd.
Arachnid Arcade
(a) Story of Rats (garek solo)
The Jewel Box Theatre... 8pm
OCT 8th.
(a) Story of Rats collaboration with a short film based on feedback
Northwest Film Forum...... 8pm
OCT 9th
Under Mts (pdx)
DRUGS (pdx)
Ear Venom
Arachnid Arcade
619 Western Ave 4th Floor.....9pm
OCT 15
Bird Costumes
Red Squirrel
Warp Tour House...... 7pm

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wooden Octopus Pictures Fuck Yes!!!

A big thank you to Jim Evans of the infamous Sparkle Girl gang for the pictures... Sparkle Girl also recorded the set and will be releasing it very soon.

The jam is called WITHERED WIZARD OF STICK, it is about the movie Willow and how much better it would have been in Uriah Heap had done the soundtrack.
Thanks again Sparkle Girl!!!

A big thank you to Jim Evans of the infamous Sparkle Girl gang for the pictures... Sparkle Girl also recorded the set and will be releasing it very soon.
The jam is called WITHERED WIZARD OF STICK, it is about the movie Willow and how much better it would have been in Uriah Heap had done the soundtrack.
Thanks again Sparkle Girl!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Awesome Times

What a great weekend, a huge thank you so much to Stan, Leslie, and William for putting the wooden octopus together. Thanks to the super rad sound dudes and the Conjuring Room for hosting. and all the nice people we meet a traded stuff with.
Special snopp dogg shout outs to 16 bitch pile up, yellow swans, mv carbon, wolf eyes, and damion romero.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Friday night:
Bellingham house show with the Russians

Saturday night:
big party in Seattle at Art Works (619 Western Ave. 4 th Floor. Starts at 6pm)

Sunday night:
Portland show at our home away from home, the FOOODHOOOLE. with 1980COP, and others.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


this our 3rd release, "Acid Head band" dedicated to Syd Barrett.
first to songs on cassette tape, then six more tracks on a cdr. comes with a button and a little folded up drawing insert.
limited to 100.

Come Celebrate the summer issue of Ong Ong and Ear Venom 's new Cdr/tape combo pack.
NA, Tyler Potts, Cardboard, Jeffery Taylor, M. Evans, Vibe Cop, The Vonneguts, Du Hexen Hase, and Barry.

SATURDAY Sept 2nd 6- 10pm
Art Works
619 Western Ave. 4th Floor

Come early for potluck.

here is some info

Our third and seasonally Summer issue has comics, stickers, a full compilation CD, photos of party, flyer art, drawings and collage, as well as stories about hospitals, smoke machines, hardware stores, and interviews with Australian dronesters The Grey Daturas and KRS/5RC label dude Slim Moon. Yep.

It’s in a very professional clear plastic baggie. A Fun-Pack!

Limited to 250 copies because covers have cut windows, three silk-screens, and two spray paint layers. Which Allan did completely by hand. Because he is nuts. In the best possible way.

The CD this time is a comp with five bands we like. The Vonneguts, Western Graves, Na, Ghost Family, and Ear Venom. It's folky and spacey and real nice. You'll dig it hopefully. We do!

And there's a little more info and pictures of the cover at

So, yep. That's the story but the zine won't be in Seattle stores till August 22 because we are busy with...

and EV info

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dude dont fuck around alright

PsychForm Records and Enterruption & the Electric Heavyland

Wooden Octopus Skull
Experimental Musick Pfestival

September 7 - 10, 2006
Seattle, Washington

hosted by:
the Conjuring Room
2203 Utah Ave. S.

No alcohol please.

Thurs and Fri shows: $16 each
Sat and Sun shows: $18 each
Pfestival Weekend Passes are available for $ 60

The Conjuring Room is an intimate space
and "seating" is very limited.

Each admission to the Pfest receives
a Free 32pg, 10x10" Pfestival Guide Magazine
w/ Sunday night line-up compilation CD
(while supplies last)

Thursday Sept 7

Japanese New Music Festival

Acid Mother's Temple SWR
Ruins Alone
Shrinp Wark
Zubi Zuva X

doors at 8:30pm

Friday Sept 8

Ladies Night aka
Girls Rule, Boys Drool

16 Bitch Pile-Up
Leticia Castaneda
Dialing In
Friends Forever
Tovah Olson

doors at 9pm

Saturday Sept 9
Amber Asylum
Ear Venom

doors at 10pm

Sunday Sept 10

Wolf Eyes
Double Leopards
Dead Machines
Yellow Swans
Hive Mind
The Cherry Point

doors at 8:30pm

All advance ticket sales are available only at:
the Electric Heavyland
252 NE 45th St
(206) 545-2800
us @ enterruption (.) com

Wooden Octopus Skull Pfest Proudly Presented By:

Sponsored by:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No Longer DIY

on my wife and I's walk home last evening i saw a magazine called "home diy" or something catchy like that.... i proclaimed to my partner that DIY has been capitalized and corrupted beyond repair and we needed something new and mole like. she set forth the term....
OMO> On My Own
OOO> O Our Own

please let it be put forth that all Ear Venom releases, present and forthcoming, are no longer DIY but OOO or O cubed.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


We are so excited to announce that we will be playing the Wooden Octopus Festival here our own lovely Seattle. We will be playing on Saturday Sept. 9th.
more details soon!!!!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


You better go to this.. both nights
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This weekend ruled!!

_great show on friday with glamorous pat, drugs, and pussygutt.
it was so hot in portland.. sitting in van and drinking is a bad idea.

_saturday ruled at the warp tour house... du hexen hase killed it, then blue sabbath black cheer really killed it, and then pussygutt really really killed it. brian and i had so much fun, great sets all around.. the house was so hot too.

_sunday at the fun house was fun too, brian and i jammed out the a noisy set. du hexen hase was even better.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

today my walkman ran out of batteries

Worked on some mixing today with the infamous 3rd member of EAR VENOM, Mike Kutchman!!!
here he is hard at work, he helps us with just about everything. Here he is moving buttons.
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On Friday i bought BLOODYMINDED, the AA Records comp. it sounded great, although my copy was warped, i had to have them order me another one.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New News

a lot of things happening right now, several shows next week. recorded last week.
we are really excited about the future, Ong Ong release will be done soon, PAPER the dragon's eye comp will also be released in august( word to the wise yann rules).
the show on july 22nd is going to be great, Pussygutt are awesome, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer are awesome. Du Hexen Hase are awesome! this is the flyer i drew down below :
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this is a super weekend that is going to kill me,
Friday July 21
Pussygutt (there is talk of me jamming out an intro while the set up, but we will see)
Drugs (Lou, bennett, and dan, the best dudes in portland)
Glamorous Pat (he rules, but he does not go by that name any more.. its something vish!)

Seattle Show and potluck

Sun. 23
Ear Venom
Du Hexen Hase
the guy from the Cripples
and the dude from the deadly snakes
fuckin afternoon party

then later that night Oly show with pussygutt

quit work or call in sick.

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