Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Hit the Streetz!!!!

We have a new split cdr release out with Boosatali live at Camp Nowhere 11.8.06

It is on Soccer Mom Ebonics. Edition of 100 copies. Recorded by Jim "sparkle girl" Evans.

We haven't even heard the thang but shit we are excited. Hit us up if you want a copy or buy one at one of our or shevaun's shows. Wall of Sound and Electric Heavyland will have them as well.

We will be back playing shows in February. Also, in February we have a split coming out with our good friends Pillow Fight Fight. Man if you guys don't know Karl or Dustin you just should. Some of the nicest guys we have ever met. We still have copies of our release Acid Headband if any one would like one and we have two more cdr's coming out in early 2007. The first one out is entitled JUNKY MUSCLES and the second is DOUBT AND INDECISION. Until then...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

squeaky shout out in the mercury for upcoming portland show

(Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) Two good-times dudes from Seattle, Ear Venom have been cultivating their psychedelic and experimental noise-fuckery, blasting Portland's eardrums every couple of months. Having much in common with local favorites Yellow Swans, Ear Venom twist and mangle processed guitar, tape loops, and sequencers through delay and various filters, leaving a thick grimy film crawling through your skin and blackening your cortex. Playing this night with DRUGS, who have transformed themselves into one of the noisiest and most crushing black metal bands in Portland. Recent addition to the band, Jared (SCARD)'s ferocious screams are quite terrifying and complement Bennett's gurgling groans and heavy bass drone. JAMES SQUEAKY