Tuesday, August 29, 2006


this our 3rd release, "Acid Head band" dedicated to Syd Barrett.
first to songs on cassette tape, then six more tracks on a cdr. comes with a button and a little folded up drawing insert.
limited to 100.

Come Celebrate the summer issue of Ong Ong and Ear Venom 's new Cdr/tape combo pack.
NA, Tyler Potts, Cardboard, Jeffery Taylor, M. Evans, Vibe Cop, The Vonneguts, Du Hexen Hase, and Barry.

SATURDAY Sept 2nd 6- 10pm
Art Works
619 Western Ave. 4th Floor

Come early for potluck.

here is some info

Our third and seasonally Summer issue has comics, stickers, a full compilation CD, photos of party, flyer art, drawings and collage, as well as stories about hospitals, smoke machines, hardware stores, and interviews with Australian dronesters The Grey Daturas and KRS/5RC label dude Slim Moon. Yep.

It’s in a very professional clear plastic baggie. A Fun-Pack!

Limited to 250 copies because covers have cut windows, three silk-screens, and two spray paint layers. Which Allan did completely by hand. Because he is nuts. In the best possible way.

The CD this time is a comp with five bands we like. The Vonneguts, Western Graves, Na, Ghost Family, and Ear Venom. It's folky and spacey and real nice. You'll dig it hopefully. We do!

And there's a little more info and pictures of the cover at www.ongongpress.com.

So, yep. That's the story but the zine won't be in Seattle stores till August 22 because we are busy with...

and EV info