Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Stuff

Acid Headband in now available at Electric Heavyland in Wallingford and Wall of Sound in Capital Hill. it is $8.00.
-added some new links, stuff that stokes us out.
-a lot of shows coming up in the beginning of October,
OCT 3rd.
Arachnid Arcade
(a) Story of Rats (garek solo)
The Jewel Box Theatre... 8pm
OCT 8th.
(a) Story of Rats collaboration with a short film based on feedback
Northwest Film Forum...... 8pm
OCT 9th
Under Mts (pdx)
DRUGS (pdx)
Ear Venom
Arachnid Arcade
619 Western Ave 4th Floor.....9pm
OCT 15
Bird Costumes
Red Squirrel
Warp Tour House...... 7pm